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Like her protagonist Salome Waterhouse, Denise Osborne is a Feng Shui practitioner with many years of study and practice, and a firm belief that this ancient Chinese art and science is a viable tool in criminal investigations, in particular, victimology. Like her other protagonist, Queenie Davilov, Osborne started out as a screenwriter who hit Hollywood fresh from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in journalism, emphasis on motion picture production. Osborne has written about Native American art and artists, worked as a publicist for the Potawatomi Indians of Oklahoma, received awards for short films and screenplays, created an interactive Web-based character named Dinkum, worked as a ghost writer, and among other jobs, served as a flight attendant with Braniff Airlines.  She is currently a member of the Association for the Study of Women and Mythology. Additional educational endeavors include: 4 years at Narimasu High School, outside Tokyo, Japan; evening classes in fantasy literature and semantics at Harvard University extension, Cambridge, MA; screenwriting and production classes at Sherman Oaks Experimental College, Hollywood, CA; Spanish language study in Barcelona, Spain. An avid traveler, Osborne has lived in many U.S. cities and cherishes the years she lived in Japan, England, and Spain. She has given many Feng Shui presentations in conjunction with book signings in stores and libraries around the country and enjoys teaming up with other practitioners to teach Feng Shui. Believing that the natural world is in crisis, Osborne supports the efforts of Earth Island Institute and Save Japan Dolphins, Sea Shepherds, the Audubon Society, the Sierra Club, and Natural Resources Defense Council. Her professional memberships include: Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime: the Border Crimes chapter, the American Society of Dowsers, Kansas City chapter. She is also a Red Ribbon professional with the International Feng Shui Guild and served two terms as director of the Kansas City chapter. In 2011, Osborne joined an eclectic group of women readers, collectively known as the Bluestockings Book Club. She lives with her husband and avian friends near Kansas City, Missouri.
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