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Elements associated with the Prosperity Gua: color purple; bones, especially hips; wind Virtue: Generosity Location: upper left hand side of the Bagua Salome Waterhouse, a Feng Shui practitioner and the protagonist in The Feng Shui Mysteries, helps solve crimes and household misdemeanors (like not lowering the toilet’s seat and lid). Here’s what she has to say about Prosperity. Before activating this gua, be specific about what you want. For example, if you want money, state a specific sum and the reason you want this amount. Feng Shui is not simply about hanging a crystal and waiting for the riches to pour in. You are activating your intentions. You must be a participant in order to attract the energies of prosperity to you. Once you have a specific goal in mind, then bring elements that appeal to you such as multi-faceted crystals, a money vase, the color purple (also vibrant red and green). These things stimulate your intentions each time you see them. Construct a vision board with pictures of what you desire. Recall those times when you received exactly what you wanted and embrace that feeling. Prosperity is a perception with an emotional foundation. Use the positive emotion to attract a positive outcome. Another potent aspect of prosperity is giving. In the Charles Dickens’s classic, A Christmas Carol, Mr. Scrooge, the protagonist, is considered prosperous. Dickens’s story tell us Mr. Scrooge had wealth but he didn’t have or understand true prosperity until he began to give. The old adage certainly applies here: What goes around comes around. When you give, and give with passion, you stir up positive energy. Giving makes you feel good, and when you feel good you attract what you want. When prosperity is merely seen and not felt, when acquisition of wealth and material objects becomes a preoccupation, when giving is ignored, then prosperity is an illusion and all that was gained can be lost in an instant. In some countries, prosperity resides in simply having a supply of fresh water. (Go to www.water.org for more information.) FENG SHUI TIPS If you give over this area of your dwelling to pets, chances are good that much money will be spent on them (i.e., vet bills, expensive toys, etc.). Look to the gua directly opposite for more information. You will see that opposite Prosperity is Helpful People/Travel. Other people factor into our own prosperity and abundant life.
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