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Elements: color pink, organs, earth Virtue: Forgiveness Location: upper right hand side of the Bagua Salome Waterhouse, Feng Shui practitioner and the protagonist in The Feng Shui Mysteries, helps solve crimes and household misdemeanors (like the foot of the bed facing a doorway). Here is what Salome has to say about Relationships. Want to light up your love life? Place a candle in this gua—wait! Make that 2 candles. In fact, all decorative items in this gua should be in pairs to support the energy of an equal partner. Whenever you find yourself out of sorts with a loved one, go to this area of the dwelling and clean and declutter immediately. Don’t wait. Otherwise you will suffer in some way. Our organs bear the brunt of emotional upheavals. When we do not address the problem quickly, that negative energy soaks into our bodies. Too many painful relationships left to stew, will result in diseased organs caused by our dis-ease. The longer we hold on to emotional pain, the more damage we do to ourselves. To forgive those who have hurt us is to free our organs of accumulated negative energy and thus restore emotional, physical and spiritual health. Fresh flowers here will serve you well. This is the gua that connects us to the natural world. In our man-made environments, we have reduced our connection to the planet to just a small portion of our lives. Reviving this connection gives us an essential element to a more meaningful life. When pets sleep in this gua or the relationship gua of any room, they thrive. Opposite the relationship gua, you will find knowledge/ spirituality. For deep love to exist, we must strive to know more about our partner as knowledge leads to understanding. Understanding is the foundation of long-lasting love. Bless this area of your dwelling because in doing so, you bless your life. Pictures of cranes stimulate this gua as cranes mate for life and exemplify devoted relationships. Unfortunately, cranes are now endangered like so many animals. Raise awareness for cranes and you will attract the energy of devotion. If you truly want a lasting relationship, you will want the icon of loyal relationships, the crane, to flourish. FENG SHUI TIPS If you are single and looking for a longlasting relationship, be sure your bed is not pushed up against a wall, as this suggests that, deep down, you are not willing to accept the responsibility of another in your life. In this gua, stimulate the senses with scent, soothing artwork, tasty treats, gentle music, and soft sensuous fabrics.
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