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Elements associated with the Knowledge/Spirituality Gua: color blue & blue/green, hands, earth Virtue: Wisdom Location: bottom left side of the Bagua Salome Waterhouse, a Feng Shui practitioner and the protagonist in The Feng Shui Mysteries, helps solve crimes and household misdemeanors (like burned out light bulbs and poor lighting). Here’s what she has to say about Knowledge and Spirituality. Often one finds the front door, the Mouth of Chi, in this position. Should this be the case, keep the area free of clutter, place pots of brightly colored flowers by the door to welcome positive energy into your dwelling. Imagine someone of great importance approaching your home to bring you the opportunity of a lifetime. In what state do you want the entrance to be? Do you want the path smooth and welcoming for this special visitor? This position in the home is an excellent place for a study. It is also a fine place for an altar where you honor those aspects of life that mean the most to you. Could be photos of loved ones with whom you wish to communicate on a soul level. It could be objects you revere. Here, too, you may find it easier to meditate—this includes the knowledge/spirituality guas located in each room. Gnothi Seauton, the Greek maxim, Know Thyself, could be displayed in this area. The more you know yourself, the better you know and understand the workings of the world. Directly across from this gua you will find the Relationship gua. When you are open to friendship and love, and genuinely want to know others in your life, the better your relationships will be. Knowledge is the key to understanding and understanding leads to caring which leads to unconditional love. Spanish Surrealist Joan Miro (1893- 1983) used the color blue as a symbol of the spiritual aspect of artistic creation in his famous painting, “Bleu II.” Great artists see a vast world that lies beneath the surface and show us this truth. In the mentioned painting, this spiritual energy is the color blue. While studying ancient Celtic sites, I noticed a preponderance of spirals carved on stone monoliths. Studying ancient matriarchal societies, I found that the spiral was another symbol of the goddess. At www.hubblesite.com, I saw “Out of this Whirl: The Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) and Companion Gallaxy”, which appears to be an enormous spiral. Then, of course, there are the spiral galaxies. Indeed, I felt an overwhelming thrill at seeing the connection between ancient spirituality and modern science (knowledge). FENG SHUI TIPS  Hang a blue or clear faceted crystal in a window to capture outside light and bring it into this area of your dwelling. Choose a subject you know nothing about and put your energy into learning all you can about it. Keep a record of the things that begin to happen to you. In the process, you will learn more about yourself.
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