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Elements: color white, mouth, metal Virtue: Curiosity Location: middle right hand section of the Bagua Salome Waterhouse, Feng Shui practitioner and the protagonist in The Feng Shui Mysteries, helps solve crimes and household misdemeanors (a dirty stove). Here is what she has to say about Creativity/Children. This is your place of “why not?” In bringing out your creative urges, you learn about yourself. Dormant talents can be expressed when you activate this gua. This is not the place to hold back, to edit one’s ideas in favor of pleasing others and halting a creative urge simply because it might not be acceptable. Children do not hold back when expressing themselves—until a grownup comes along and stops them. Opposite children/creativity is family/ health. Resolution of family problems leaves you free to create. At the same time, knowing your family and ancestors may just introduce you to and awaken extraordinary talents you never thought you had. Explore! Let your imagination take flight here. Just like a newborn child, potential has no boundaries. It is the creative imagination that, when put to use, solves conflicts without resorting to violence or war. In The Glass Castle, a memoire by Jeanette Wall, the family is homeless and camped in the desert. One Christmas, Dad takes each of the 3 children off and sitting them down, asks them to look at the stars and to choose one. That star is the child’s Christmas present. Some may scoff, but I say the father showed imaginative genius in that he also inspired each child to “look up”, to see the night sky, even when they felt down. Certainly, the incident impressed the book’s author many years later. What the father did exemplifies and exhaults the creativity/children gua—pointing out the extraordinary universe and giving it as a gift when you seemingly have nothing. FENG SHUI TIP If you haven’t seen your children and/ or grandchildren in some time, post their pictures in this gua and every day, announce your intentions to be with them.
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