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Elements associated with the Career Gua: color black, ears, water Virtue: Integrity Location: center bottom of the Bagua Salome Waterhouse, Feng Shui practitioner and the protagonist of The Feng Shui Mysteries, helps solve crimes and household misdemeanors (like an unwelcoming, dirty entrance). Here’s what she has to say about Career. Often the front door is located here, so make an effort to keep the front of the house tidy and welcoming. Your career is that which you put your energy into whether you are a homemaker, a lawyer, a student, or even a Feng Shui practitioner. Activate this gua when you want new opportunities that will improve your work or if you simply want to find work. Fountains and aquariums will enhance your chances of getting what you want. Be specific about your career goals. Write them down every day to bolster your intentions, which in turn, will attract what you want to achieve. Be true to yourself and make integrity a part of your work. Prioritize what you need to do to get the job you want. While it is always a good idea to be practical and know your limitations, at the same time, do not hesitate to fire up your passion for what you want. Never give up! Opposite the career gua is the fame gua, fame being your reputation and how others perceive you. If you’re feeling discouraged during a job search or while waiting for a pay raise, head over to the fame gua and add the color red to keep your spirits from waning. We can be our own worst enemy when we allow negative thought to take over. This is a good place to keep a bowl filled with written affirmations, i.e., “Believe in your dreams.” Draw one out every day (before you write down your goals— every day). FENG SHUI TIPS  If your front door is in the career gua, make certain it opens and closes easily. A door that sticks suggests “being stuck.” Use a glass bowl for those affirmations. Feng Shui considers glass to be a water element.
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