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Elements: color green, feet, wood Virtue: Loyalty Location: middle left side of the Bagua Salome Waterhouse, Feng Shui practitioner and the protagonist in The Feng Shui Mysteries, helps solve crimes and household misdemeanors (dead plants in the house). Here is what she has to say about Family/Health. “My religion is kindness.” This quote by the Dalai Lama. Taken from his family in Tibet as a young boy because he was found and considered to be the reincarnation of the previous Dalai Lama, he accepted and embraced his fate, and, in his lifetime, we have seen him often in all countries (with the exception of his own). He speaks of peace and kindness, having accepted the wisdom of his ancestors as that which he must perpetuate, no matter the cost to him personally. Knowing your ancestors gives you insight into yourself. Your DNA is the very foundation of your health. One does not have to know them (ancestors) to be influenced by them, from your physical body to your talents and interests. Many cultures revere and honor their ancestors, and in doing so, honor their own lives. Whatever room is in this gua, incorporate the color green. Here, too, is a wonderful place for live plants. Do not use artificial plants in this area. Opposite this gua, you find children/creativity. The miracle of life begins in family/health and results in children/creativity. One of the most creative results in one’s lifetime is the creation of new life. Your DNA is in family/health, your tribe, as it were, and what you pass on to the next generation. Even if you are not genetically linked to your family, you are linked creatively and bring your own vision to enhance the group. Just as houses have blueprints, so do we. As is mentioned in the relationship gua, forgiveness will go a long way in restoring physical, mental and spiritual health. Love of family members and forgiveness for perceived hurts go hand in hand in creating balance, not just in one life, but in the world. FENG SHUI TIP A bathroom in this gua will drain healthful energy (showers, bath tubs, sinks and toilets) and so must be kept clean and the energy reinvigorated often. Place plugs on the drains and keep the seat and lid of the toilet down. And keep the bathroom clean so negative energy does not build up quickly.
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