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Elements associated with the Harmony Gua: color yellow, the tai chi or yin yang symbol, earth Virtue: Balance Location: center of the Bagua Salome Waterhouse, Feng Shui practitioner and the protagonist in The Feng Shui Mysteries, helps solve crimes and household misdemeanors (clutter). Here’s what she has to say about Harmony. Each gua radiates to its opposite and all cross here. Some practitioners regard the center as the health gua. However, as the meeting point of all guas, the center contains elements of the entire Bagua. And so, balance is the essence. When your life is balanced, you have good health, good relationships, prosperity, and a positive outlook. Clutter here quickly sends negative energy to all areas of your life. Be sure to keep this part of the dwelling clean and free of any accumulation. Yellow flowers here will do wonders to perk up the energies of the entire house and those living within. One of the best books available about how to bring peace and harmony into your dwelling is Karen Kingston’s Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui. I also recommend you visit www.homepeace. com, the website of Feng Shui practitioner, Gabrielle Alizay. She offers an effective new method for unburdening yourself and your home of negative energy and attracting harmony, which she calls the Intentional Candle Practice. Since one of the elements here is earth, let’s think of earth itself, our home planet, which is in sore need of balance. There are many ways we can help restore the earth’s balance. Carry reusable and recyclable shopping bags. Many grocery stores will give you a small credit when you bring your own bag for your purchases. Take part in community clean- up campaigns. Join an organization devoted to the clean up and preservation of our oceans. Coral reefs, bluefin tuna, dolphins, whales, and sharks are all experiencing severely depleted populations, some to the point of extinction, because of irresponsible fishing practices, greed, and the inundation of garbage. The ocean is not a dump for human waste. Reduce your use of plastic products, which require thousands of years to decompose. When you bring harmony into your dwelling you effect your neighborhood. Harmony in the neighborhood extends into the community. From the community, that positive energy radiates to the state, and from the state to the country, from the country to the world. Yes, we can restore earth’s balance. It all starts with you creating harmony in your home and your life. As well as the aforementioned book and website, the following books are recommended: 1,001 Ways to Save the Earth, by Joanna Yarrow, Chronicle Books Plastiki, by David de Rothschild, Chronicle Books and Melcher Media FENG SHUI TIP  If and when you receive some bad news, go to the center of the house and place a yellow sticker (yes, even the ubiquitous happy face will do!) on the ceiling—or a piece of yellow cloth on a piece of furniture. By doing this, you are calling for balance by intending to attract good news.
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