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Elements associated with the Helpful People/Travel Gua: color gray, head, heaven Virtue: Gratitude Location: bottom right side of the Bagua Salome Waterhouse, Feng Shui practitioner and the protagonist in The Feng Shui Mysteries, helps solve crimes and household misdemeanors (like a cracked walkway and steps leading to the front door). Here’s what she has to say about Helpful People/Travel: Some of you will have the entrance to your house in this position. Since chi (energy) enters through the front door (even if you use other doors more frequently) create a welcoming aspect here. Before having any work done on your dwelling, stimulate this gua. You will be aligning your contractors with positive, timely results. The same goes for automobile repair. Create a special wish box with silvery paper (or just use a silver box) and, at the new moon, write down three wishes then place the box in this gua. If you’re planning a trip, include a St. Christopher medal or any icon you feel attached to that represents travel. At any time, place the name of someone whose help you need in the silver box (say, a real estate agent to sell your house). Religious icons placed in this gua will strengthen your spiritual bonds. Want to travel to a special locale? Place pictures and books here about your desired location. The more detail you add, the more positive energy you will attract for achieving your goal. To prosper, we need the help of others and opposite this gua is Prosperity. When the energies in these two guas are balanced and in harmony, we experience success. If you are in business, the helpful people gua represents your associates and customers. If you are a writer, the gua represents readers and the places where your work is sold. (An agent, however, is represented in the Relationship gua. That particular professional relationship is like a marriage.) Be your own helpful person as in the adage, “the Lord helps those who help themselves.” Be a steward for a cleaner, healthier environment. And always remember to be grateful to those who help you in life. This includes all those people we never see who work to get food to market, who work on our roads, who provide electricity, and so on. Feng Shui Tip  Inside or outside your dwelling, hang a wind chime here. Swat it whenever you see it while envisioning the help you want and/or a specific person to help you. The sound will carry your positive thoughts and intentions out into the world.
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