Mystery Writer elcome to my website! Do take a tour and consider buying a traditional hardback, paperback and their new cousins, ebooks. Though I’m best known as a Feng Shui practitioner and author of The Feng Shui Mysteries, my interests and written work are varied. Enter the “Books” portal, and you will find brief synopses and reviews of my published books, the very first being Murder Offscreen and Cut To: Murder, set in the film industry. There, too, you can read about The Feng Shui Mysteries, which include: A Deadly Arrangement, Positioned To Die, Designed To Kill, and Evil Intentions. All are available as signed editions, which we sell directly from author to reader. FYI, the trade paper edition of Evil Intentions is no longer available on but is being sold exclusively through this website. For ebook purchases, you will be taken directly to Barnes & Noble’s Nook. Do check back as we will be adding all titles to the Nook and to Amazon’s Kindle. Enter the “What’s New” portal and find brief descriptions of works-in-progress. Click on the Bagua, the colorful octagon (to the right of the screen) and explore the many dimensions of Feng Shui. In the “Links/Library section you will find recommended websites and book titles. We offer Blogs on a variety of interests and concerns. Tweets provide daily Feng Shui tips and Goddess wisdom, all of which are useful, practical, and if you so intend, can be life changing! Do read on and learn about Feng Shui and the template many practitioners rely on, the venerable Bagua. Namaste! FENG SHUI AND THE BAGUA Feng Shui Energy dissipated by the wind stops at the boundary of water. Where the land features finish, the qi encounters water and is returned. ----Book of Burial Feng Shui is all about energy, called ‘chi’ or ‘qi,’ and is part of the structure of all life, of the planet, of the universe. Feng Shui is about respecting, honoring, and understanding the workings of the natural world. Feng Shui is about making practical decisions based on the heart’s desire. Feng Shui is about our own physical energy and the energy in our dwellings, the object being to attract that which is positive. Feng Shui does not judge. Feng Shui is not a religion. ----The Casebooks of Salome Waterhouse, House of Lost Souls Feng Shui emerged sometime between 3000 and 5000 years ago through efforts to locate the best burial sites so the dearly departed would find harmony in the afterlife and not bother the living. The literal meaning of “feng” is ‘wind,’ while “shui” translates to ‘water.’ Chi or qi can mean ‘life force’ and/or ‘breath.’ The concept of “placement” began with the purpose of situating one’s dwelling where the wind gently replenished the chi and water flowed nearby, bringing its life generating power. Ideally, a dwelling would be built with a hill or mountain at the back for protection and water at the front. Over time, water became equated with money and prosperity, and wind with renewal. Using the natural environment as a guide, the same principles were then applied indoors. For example, we need a wall for protection behind our bed. A bed simply placed in the middle of a room projects a sense of vulnerability, which does not promote sound sleep. By learning Feng Shui, you will be opening up a new way of looking at your home, your workplace and, most importantly, the natural world. Every day the world speaks to us. Are we listening and observing beyond simply deciding what to wear when we go outside? Millions of us live in urban and suburban environments that, aside from city parks and our own lawns and gardens, have greatly reduced our connection to the earth and all creatures with whom we share the planet. Feng Shui will reconnect you to the natural world. By studying and practicing this dynamic art and science, you will come to understand that your home is a temple that protects you while providing comfort from the rigors of modern life. Treat your home like sacred space. Using the simple methods of Feng Shui, you will be healthier, happier, and discover true harmony. When you honor your space, you honor yourself and all life. THE BAGUA and HOW TO USE IT The Bagua is the octagon-shaped template containing the 9 life situations. Its values came out of the I Ching, the Chinese Book of Changes. By studying the I Ching, you will gain a more intimate knowledge of the Bagua and its inner workings. You will find the Bagua on right side of this website. Click on any of the guas to learn their meanings. The trend in western society is to simplify the shape by turning the octagon into a 9 square grid. What is lost aesthetically and traditionally, is made up for in its practical application for use in our largely rectangular-shaped homes and buildings. To use the Bagua, first orient it by facing your home. The chi will enter through the front door, which will be located in one of the three sectors at the bottom of the Bagua in either Knowledge, Career, or Helpful People/Travel. Then, with a bird’s eye view, superimpose the Bagua over your entire property. Next, align it with the house itself. From there, you can do the same with each room, using the door to determine the gua through which you enter the room (again, either Knowledge, Career, or Helpful People/Travel). Come back often to see what’s new! CREDITS 1. Author’s photo by Marilyn Hicks Fitzgerald 2. Web design by Lori Snow 3. Atomic plum blossom design by Teresa Carnes, 4. Ebook jackets by Teresa Carnes, 5. Ebook programming by Chris Osborne, Wind and Water House Publications 6. 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