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Review Murder Offscreen  “An impossibly rich collection of zanies and subplots…You’re bound to be impressed.” ---Kirkus Reviews “Queenie Davilov is an exciting new voice on the mystery scene. She’s tough, no-nonsense, colorful, and smart. Don’t miss her debut.” Recommended. ---I Love A Mystery magazine  “Many have written mysteries with a Hollywood background, but all too few have written them with the insider’s knowledge Denise Osborne brings to Murder Offscreen. This first novel is a delight to read, a lesson in filmmaking madness, and a fine introduction to Queenie Davilov.” ---Stuart Kaminsky, Edgar Award-winning author of Lieberman’s Day  “Deftly plotted and skillfully written, with an energy and verve that promises even better Queenie Davilov adventures in this writer’s bright future.” ---John Lutz, author of Single White Female 
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