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Evil Intentions - trade paper   by Denise Osborne When arsonists target Salome Waterhouse’s Georgetown home, It’s bad Feng Shui, to say the Least, for the Japanese-American practitioner. Then her ex-husband, a mystery writer, discovers the body of an Organizer, a questionable suicide. Their friend, an African-American private investigator, sees that the cases are intertwined and that the time has come for the three to combine their skills in combating crime. This eclectic trio of Baby Boomers must bring down an underworld figure whose evil intentions have destroyed countless lives--and threaten their own.   Designed To Kill - paperback by Denise Osborne Salome is off to Northern California to lead a feng shui seminar at the prestigious Star Institute. A New Agey atmosphere filled with yoga instructors and vegan chefs is just what her ch’i needs. But it’s not long before Salome gets her feng shui feet wet once again in a murder investigation. The victim: Toby Ashcroft, Institute owner and former dot. com tycoon. The suspects: bitter ex- business partners, jilted ex-lovers, and greedy relatives. But Salome has her third eye on something else, something out of place that defies feng shui--and criminal law...   POSITIONED TO DIE - paperback by Denise Osborne Salome Waterhouse has a new next- door neighbor at her second home in the Georgetown section of Washington, D.C. But he’s hardly neighborly. In fact, Duncan Mah killed his chances at friendship when he gutted the gorgeous rose garden that adorned his front yard. Fortunately for them both, Salome is busy with other things. A decorator to Washington’s political players is found murdered in his home and Salome teams up with Judah Freeman, an old friend and private eye, to uncover negative energy and the truth. Salome has her suspicions, and Duncan Mah is one of them. But so far, the only thing she can pin on him is bad taste and bad feng shui. And neither is a crime--yet. A Deadly Arrangement by Denise Osborne There’s good feng shui...and then there’s bad. Feng shui practitioner Salome Waterhouse knows the difference. She can spot a bad vibe from a mile away. Usually a simple rearranging of a room can patch things up. But occasionally, she has to delve a little deeper...   Cut To: Murder - hardback by Denise Osborne In this second mystery of the series, the intrepid Queenie lands an unbelievably plum assignment for a beginning screenwriter: to doctor a script by one of the masters of the business, Digs Patterson. The upside is that the movie- -is being shot on location in Barcelona and in the breathtakingly beautiful mountains of Catalonia. The downside is that the production has been plagued by a series of costly and frightening mishaps, including the sudden and mysterious disappearance of the brilliant but alcoholic Digs.   Murder Offscreen   by Denise Osborne Meet spirited Queenie Davilov in her first appearance on the mystery scene. A struggling screenwriter who moonlights doing security checks on the Hollywood film community, she’s clever and wry, with an indefatigable sense of curiosity. She’s a woman with a taste for Jack Daniels and her own hand-rolled cigarettes, who isn’t superstitious but keeps a Goddess icon or two around the house, “just in case.”
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I Am A Dolphin by Denise Osborne Strong family ties, diversity, caring for each other, and the need to live free--these are some of the characteristics we share with dolphins that young readers will learn about in I Am A Dolphin And I’m A Lot Like You Though presented by a dolphin, this nonfiction picture book does not anthropomorphize dolphins. Using simple text and artwork that is fun and realistic, the young reader can begin to make connections between dolphins and humans that may result in an interest in dolphin conservation. A portion of sales will be donated to dolphin and marine mammal conservation organizations.donated to dolphin and marine mammal conservation organizations.
Available at Inklings’ 816-224-9082 Books & Coffee Shoppe 1101 W. Main Street, Blue Springs, MO 64015